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Trader (referred to as "DT Technology") has been deeply involved in the financial software service industry for 10 years, and has always focused on trading systems, system development and other services. It can provide users with a one-stop solution from the front-end of the trading platform to the back-end system management, from fund settlement rebates, transaction risk control to after-sales technical services, and all products have independent intellectual property rights.

In order to provide world-class technical support, we are also continuously improving our product performance, personnel quality and service quality, so as to maintain our status as a giant in the international financial industry. The DT technology team is all experts from the financial and Internet fields at home and abroad. It has established an internationally leading financial technology research and development center, and has a core technical team to provide joint support. Regional latitude and longitude intertwined into a broad network environment. At present, many financial institutions and brokers around the world are using Stone products to carry out financial business.

Trader Ltd focuses on the development of high-end direct sales software. The direct sales system can be presented on the PC platform and mobile terminals such as mobile phones. Provide users with consultation, research, analysis, planning and other services 1-to-1 according to the actual situation of users. According to the changing trend of direct selling industry at home and abroad and the trend of information technology development, tailor-made direct selling software system for users that truly meets their business needs, and upgrade the software in time.

Trader Ltd is good at using technology software services to develop innovative software solutions and products on the cloud platform, enabling users to obtain new revenue, save costs, improve compliance and reduce risks. Designed to provide SG series technology, software development, cloud computing and customer management system solution suites for more than 500 organizations of all sizes. In order to provide complete software development services, we can assist users in developing their business in a short period of time at each development stage, improving return on investment and competitiveness, whether it is customized software engineering, software testing and quality assurance, system integration, technical consulting or software maintenance and other professional services.

Suitable for both small and large brokers. All the technology you need for premium CFD and spread betting services is now available from a single provider. It is a partner-centric trading platform that helps brokers provide one-stop services. It has accumulated rich user business needs and service experience in long-term service practice, and the performance of the software has been fully verified and recognized. According to the changing trend of the direct selling industry at home and abroad and the trend of information technology development, tailor-made for users truly meet their business needs.

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Our Development Vision

Since the establishment of DT Technology, it has been committed to building high-quality brokers and providing international leading technical support and solutions for partners. This includes platform research and development, risk control, and back-end support, as well as financial training support provided by senior brokerage experts, to help our partners have absolute platform advantages and long-term profitability in the financial field. At the same time, it also takes continuous improvement and breakthrough as its own responsibility, maintains its leading position in the industry through repeated product innovations, and develops together with brokers to create a financial technology ecosystem.