D Trader is committed to product progress and user automation management

Focusing on the research and development of financial software, it is committed to providing users with comprehensive solutions from investment consulting, system development, system integration to technical services. It has senior experience and good reputation in business such as system services, market experience sharing, and Reuters data.


With a comprehensive agent rebate marketing system and one-click sharing and recommending user functions, it is a must-have "customer extension tool" for exchanges

operation and maintenance

Hierarchical management of operation and maintenance personnel permissions, automatic text messages and emails to notify operation and maintenance personnel to deal with dangers

The background is managed by roles, with strong function expansion

Wind control

Automated risk control, encrypted transmission and storage of key information

Comprehensive risk control management, multi-dimensional statistical reports


High-efficiency performance system, supporting millions of people online at the same time, continuously and stably processing 10,000 transactions per second

Satisfy millions of users and execute orders efficiently


It integrates market charts, technical analysis, and order trading, three major functions into a very excellent software. From a technical point of view, it is a large and advanced trading platform used not only in a local area, but its friendly user interface makes it a highly flexible platform.

CRM system

CRM user relationship management can realize the query and management of multi-level and multi-level user transaction information, and help brokers manage users more efficiently

matching system

Match the trading orders of both parties according to the trading order system issued by the user

real-time trading system

Contains transaction middleware and transaction terminals, providing users with transaction instructions and queries

Leading financial innovation with advanced technology

The development and application of mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, technological innovations, have rapidly increased to exponential speed, and technological progress leads the development.

Forex historical opportunity, calm transformation

DT technology experience a full range of technical services

Quality service, trading software development


International popular technical indicators

Custom Metrics

International leased line data channel

How fast and accurate is the data

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Along the way, we are satisfied but not satisfied; deepening financial technology, we are more energetic.

Because of hard work and sincerity, more user groups have gathered with us, which makes us feel honored.

Trading Front-End Functions

System risk control function

System management function

Build a fintech ecosystem with partners

Connect with international private line data and top liquidity service providers

We provide you with an international data line transmission channel, 24-hour uninterrupted quotation information, 30+ tradable varieties, optical fiber transmission; the clearing bridge efficiently bridges the world's top 15 liquidity, efficiently clears, and transfers transaction risks.