Law Enforcement Request Guidelines

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Updated on Last Updated: November 15, 2022

For government and law enforcement agencies only:

1 Introduction

As disclosed in our terms of service, the services of dt2288.net are provided by the following entities:

DigitalTrader FinTech Co. Ltd., a Saint Vincent and the Grenadines registered company.

4Ways Limited, a Seychelles registered company.

DigitalTrader FinTech Co. Ltd. and 4Ways Limited are collectively referred to as "we" or "our". When required, we will respond to requests from authorized law enforcement officials who can provide proof of authorization. We will review each case on a case-by-case basis and cooperate in accordance with the relevant Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy Statement, and any applicable laws and regulations. This Law Enforcement Request Guide describes how authorized law enforcement officials can contact us and request customer information and/or freeze a user's account.

Please note that we will only respond to requests sent to us by authorized law enforcement officials. If international law enforcement is involved (if applicable), the international law enforcement agency will need to provide a formal mutual legal assistance agreement request in order for us to provide the disclosure.

2. Law Enforcement Requests

We are responsible for processing law enforcement requests from all jurisdictions in accordance with our Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy Statement, and any applicable laws and regulations.

If you are an Authorized Law Enforcement Official, for all law enforcement related requests, please email

3. Required information

In order for us to process your request, law enforcement officials should email us using an official email address with a government domain name and include at least the following information in their request:

• The full name of the law enforcement agency;

• Sealed written enforcement requests, court orders or subpoenas; and

• Your official contact information (email address, phone number).

Your request may be expedited if you provide both: (i) proof that the law enforcement official is authorized to request the information (such as proof of authorization) and proof of his or her employment with the law enforcement agency, (ii) the law enforcement official's Proof of identity (e.g. ID photo with ID number and internal ID photo with internal ID number).

Law enforcement officials should clearly describe what our assistance is being asked for and provide sufficient detail so that we can properly process the request.

4. Law Enforcement Emergency Requests

For very urgent requests, such as when someone is in death or serious physical danger, please state Urgent in the subject line of the email